Mark Brezinski MD, PhD


Pathophysiology, kinetic chain (gait correct and

back pain), quantum biology, and Quantum Spectroscopy)


Brief Summary

**New paper on quantum correlations including entanglement

      Mark Edward Brezinski MD,PhD primary appointments are as faculty at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, with additional positions at MIT.  His efforts span that of a scientist (bench to bedside: engineering/physics to clinical trails) to clinical work (primarily cardiology and functional movement).   He has gained international recognition for pioneering and advancing the field of optical coherence tomography (OCT) since the early 90‘s,  He is also been a pioneer in the field of functional movement (injury prevention and restoration) or non-surgical orthopedics.

     The main trust of his OCT work since the early 1990‘s has been on detecting vulnerable plaque and identifying pre-osteoarthritis, which has included OCT physics and technology development.  Supportive work has been on adjuvant approaches including PS-OCT, quantum second order correlations, elastography, combined OCT-ultrasound (for improved penetration), and index matching.  Clinical research is most heavily focused on Orthopedics (as well as his original area of cardiology) with clinical trials in osteoarthritis and FAI surgical guidance. 

    He is co-founder Lightlab Imaging that now sells cardiovascular OCT systems as a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories.  He is the author of over 150 publications, has served on over 80 federal committees (including the NIH, NSF, DOE, HHS), winner of many awards including the Presidential Award from President Clinton, and is advisor to many federal agencies.

    Dr. Brezinski is more recently the founder of the Functional Movement and Fitness Corporation.  The company focuses on injury prevention, injury restoration, increase function with age, and non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disease.  Products include feedback technology, clinical training, and educational media.

New paper on quantum correlations including entanglement
** New paper
on macroscopic 
quantum systems
and complex decoherence.