SIngle Channel polarization Sensitive 
A and B cartilage normal by arthroscopy and MRI.  C collagen abnormal by OCT.  D. Another patient normal banding pattern.
- Single Channel over Dual Channel due to the Categorical Nature of Medical Diagnostics.Polarization_files/polarizationweb.pdf
- Single Channel over Dual Channel due to the Technical Advantages of the Single ChannelsPolarization_files/Technical%20Advantages%20of%20Single%20Channel%20for%20Medical%20Applications.pdf
- Our PapersPolarization_files/relevant%20publications.pdf
Top OCT images of human knee and finger cartilage (c).  The underlying bone (b), subchondral bone, and synovium are sharply differentiated in the image.
**New Polarization Standards and Optimal PS-OCT comingPolarization_files/relevant%20publications_1.pdf